6 Pack Beer Rub Sampler


+ fire up the grill and your tastebuds with the perfect sampler 6-pack, give each of our beer-infused rubs a turn at cranking up the flavor

+ crack a can and rub it on or marinate it real good - find out which flavor is your favorite… if you can choose

+ Cherry Chipotle Ale Rub - 8 OZ
Honey Mustard IPA Rub - 8 OZ
Hickory Peach Porter Rub - 8 OZ
Imperial Coffee Stout - 8 OZ
Jalapeño Lime Pilsner Rub - 8 OZ
Mesquite Peppercorn Lager Rub - 8 OZ

*Product comes with resealable lids for all 6 cans