Established in 2013 in downtown San Carlos CA, JoeyRae is a specialty boutique known for curating a wide range of carefully edited styles from both established and emerging designers.  We hand select everything in our store with a focus on quality, fit, fabrication and style. 

The JoeyRae woman is all of us.  She's a mother, a sister, an entreperuner, a volunteer, a chef, a technology executive. She's multidimensional, confident and stylish.  We love nothing more than working one-on-one with our clients to create the perfect look for that gala next month, that well-deserved vacation, or everyday home/work/mom life.

To JoeyRae - our clients are family.  We love when you swing in with your coffee and stay for a chat.  We strive to be a place where women know they can find not only the perfect fitting jeans, but a good laugh or a listening ear.  Our success is built on our our relationships. So step inside.  Lets' do this!      


 Lynne, Camille, Allie, and Tessa.